Shortage of water is a plaguing problem both in cities and villages. With receding ground water levels and uncertain rainfall, judicious use of water is of utmost importance for the sustenance of our limited resources. The problem of shortage can be mitigated to a great extent by identifying the loopholes, re-structuring the water-tanker delivery system and by introducing an automated method of monitoring and tracking the supply locations.

The problem of transportation methods and its monitoring is specifically addressed by Mystral. We aim at minimizing water wastage by a method of GPS enabled monitoring of the tankers, which can generate a real-time picture of the both the static storage locations as well as the moving tankers. This can help check water wastage in a way that’s both innovative and viable and simultaneously improves transparency in delivery system.

The features we provide

GPS enabled water tankers for 24*7 movement tracking to draw transparency into the water supply system.

Load monitoring and water level sensors can be installed in the tankers to keep in check the amount of water being supplied at various locations. It will also help monitor undue leakages and water supply at illegal sites.

Mapping coordinates of residential zones for drawing a route-map for the water tankers to follow on their daily schedule.

Monitor water storage locations and place load monitors to check for leakages on a real-time basis.

Keep a detailed record of the amount of supply, amount of water in storage, amount supplied on a zonal basis etc. These statistics can help curb water wastage and find the loopholes in the system.

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