Waste management is an area of great concern from an environmental point of view. With better techniques for the disposal and management of waste, there is still a lack of an efficient fleet management system. With minimal cost and a technology driven approach, there lies a potential for introducing innovative tech solutions for better fleet management and collection efficiency for the waste management industry.

Mystral provides a tailor-made solution functioning in layers. The solution incorporates monitoring of all aspects ranging from garbage lifting, transporting, dumping, and even door-to-door collection of waste.

Our solution provides the following features

Enables garbage collection vehicles to follow an organised manner of door-to-door collection on pre-assigned routes, any spots missed instantly triggers an alert to the headquarters in real time.

Garbage collection vehicles enabled with GIS location coordinates of bins and dumping sites.

Real-time tracking of waste carrying vehicles to prevent dumping at any unauthorized location.

Load monitoring of waste in the carrier to keep in check any accidental dropping of garbage at unassigned locations and pilferage.

Fuel monitoring to determine the fuel consumption from trip to trip, helps identify efficient routes, fuel monitoring also eliminates fuel pilferage.

RFID integration provides management with all the driver performance stats as well as attendance information.

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