At Mystral GPS Tracking Solutions, we understand the need to ensure the quality of temperature sensitive goods and our Temperature Monitoring Solution does that and more. Temperature monitoring of the storage cabins and containers is essential to ensure the quality of goods for various industries. With accurate of temperature monitoring the need of the hour in the cold chain industry, we enable you to monitor the temperature across all of your vehicles.

Our highly accurate sensors detect even a small variation in temperature above or below the permissible threshold and alert the management in real time. Cabin or container temperature is easily monitored on our interactive dashboard.

Quick setup, easier to use

  • Multiple sensors can be installed per container for temperature critical goods.

Temperature reports with accurate logs

  • Minute wise temperature logs to ensure the quality of goods.

Real Time alerts

  • Get instant SMS and e-mail alerts in case of temperature anomalies.

Lucid reports, a click away

  • Comprehensive temperature reports with just a click.
  • Graphs and charts to interpret temperature data efficiently.

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