The mining sector is in itself a challenging industry. Transparency in operation, transportation, and the concerned ecological constraints. The economic potential of sand mining in capital and resource generation if often not fully realised due to several bottlenecks. These administrative loopholes introduce passages for illegal mining in restricted zones, the involvement of sand-mafias, pilferage during transportation and the violation of several ecological norms as well.The Mystral Fleet Managment Solution has a monitoring and tracking solution to help plug these loopholes.


  • Illegal mining in ecological reserves and restricted zones.
  • Pilferage of minerals via strong networked illegal trading groups.
  • No transparency in issuance of MDPs (Mineral Dispatch Permits).
  • Need to ensure accountability in the amount of mineral being extracted.
  • Lack of comprehensive records of driver details, speed checks, route de-tours taken etc.


  • Live tracking is made easily accessible across all platforms and via the Mystral mobile app.
  • Breaking into the networks of illegal trading groups by a method of checks and balances. Placing of GPS monitoring system in all the carrier vehicles to –
    • Monitor routes taken by the vehicles
    • Record the entry-exit details of the vehicle using RFID integration system given to the authorized drivers
    • Installation of Load monitoring system in the vehicle to detect any pilferage of minerals
    • Generation of alerts in case of any violation of set norms.
  • Automated issuance of MDPs, and computerized data logging for complete accountability.
  • Load monitoring systems to control the amount of mineral that is excavated.

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