Transportation of temperature sensitive goods needs constant monitoring of the ambient temperature conditions for delivery of consignment in a quality state. Temperature monitoring inside the trucks requires efficient monitoring systems which are designed to detect slight changes in temperature. Refrigeration cost adds to the overall expense of transporting cargo, which calls for better management of fleet scheduling and route planning to minimize delays.

Mystral delivers on all these needs. Our Temperature Monitoring system is sensitive enough to detect temperature fluctuations beyond the set thresholds. Apart from temperature control, we identify logical inadequacies to optimize delivery cycles. We make planning and execution of a smooth cold storage transit possible so that valuables and perishable cargo can be transported with ease.

Our solution for cold storage transportation includes

High versatility of the system makes it convenient for the management to set temperature thresholds based on the goods and monitor it in real time.

Real-time alerts in the form of SMS and emails are sent to the management in event of any temperature fluctuations beyond the set limits.

View historical reports for getting the complete temperature history of any truck to corroborate claims of transporting cargo in ambient temperature environment.

Optimal route planning through pre-selection and dispatch scheduling can be carried out to ensuring on-time deliveries.

Live tracking feature enables monitoring location, speed, temperature and other critical parameters in real time.

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