Concerned about goods being stolen while in transit? We at Mystral GPS Tracking Solutions, are committed to the security of not only your vehicles but also the goods being transported. We help sideline concerns of the fleet managers about the security of their fleet’s goods with our efficient Load monitoring solution. Our Load Monitoring System is a simplistic and innovative step to ensure the safety of goods being transported.

The smart system is designed to monitor the load on a real-time basis to check for any pilferage of the goods. The load sensors detect offloading of goods at any unauthorized locations. A load monitoring system is a necessity for every fleet to keep a check on undue expenses due to the pilferage of goods.

Stay informed 24×7

  • Receive instant alerts via SMS or e-mail in case of pilferage of goods.

Get information that is precise

  • Accurate information about the exact location and time of the pilferage.

Filtered details, for your ease

  • Lucid pilferage reports, that enable necessary preventive measures to be adopted.

Safe and safer, with our product

  • Safeguard your fleet from any further theft.

Make your success story with us now