The Mystral Advantage

Money saved is money earned – Save Millions

  • Put an end to unsanctioned trips
  • Better maintenance management
  • Get complete control over pilferage
  • Know each drivers efficiency
  • Automation to enable a lean team to manage a large fleet

Remote fuel monitoring for better fuel utilization

  • No more fuel theft
  • Transparency in refuel and consumption
  • Real time alerts in case of anomalies
  • Trip planning based on route wise fuel consumption

Efficient supply chain management

  • No more delays in pickup and drop
  • Ensure quality of temperature critical goods
  • Put an end to pilferage
  • Better control over each leg of the supply chain

Ensure your fleet vehicles are driven like the way you would

  • Alerts and reports on Harsh driving
  • Prevent misuse of the vehicle air conditioning, electronics.
  • Put an end to pilferage
  • Put a check on unauthorised stops and pickups


Customer Support
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Help customers boost their business and drive profits with a strong support system
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Maximum resource utilization, minimized expenditure on multiple fronts. Efficient fuel usage monitoring to cut down fuel expenses, reduced turnaround time.
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Multi device and platform compatible, ease-of-use on mobile phones, laptops and tablets across all Operating Systems. We cater to all business needs.
Healthy fleet
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Maintain a healthy fleet for a robust business. Score on driver-safety, efficiency, performance. Vehicle maintenance planning is also taken care of.
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Monitor multiple critical parameters, add more features as and when required.
Risk minimization
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Reduce risks in business operations, with a safe and secure GPS enabled transport system, to hedge risks against cargo theft, prevent accidents and control product qualilty.


Mystral has helped us in so many ways. Trying to put it all in perspective without writing a thesis regarding its benefits would be difficult. However, to sum it up, our tracking systems allow us to know everything about our truck routes, timeline, mileage, and much more.
It has been a very useful tool and I would suggest any company with one or more trucks to have them installed. The savings certainly outweighs the cost.
Owner of a large Transport Company in South
Mystral has made our school bus management very simple and efficient. We are now able to track the location of all our buses and moreover we are also able to keep a check on rash driving. The solution has made life easier for parents as well, it has given them an added assurance of safety and the real time ETA alerts means parents no longer have to waste time at bus-stops waiting for their kid.
Transport Incharge
Leading School of the country
Tracking our trucks with gives us and our customers a real professional feeling when we’re able to look at our computer screen and tell the customer that we can see the truck and it is just a few km’s away and will be there in just a few more minutes.
Managing a fleet of over 100 vehicles
We have been using the Mystral fleet management package for over a year. Our Bangalore city pilot implementation exceeded expectations, hence we decided to implement for our country wide fleet. Not only have we been able to demonstrate cost savings but the system has increased the safety standards and vehicle life due to the maintenance module that we religiously use.
Fleet Manager
Leading Packers and Movers
Mystral was the option that seemed the most appealing to us. Our first priority was being able to track our vehicles that is where our vehicles are, how long they were parked at a particular place and which routes they follow the most, that was important to us. The geo fencing and immobilizer features have been of great help.
Taxi Services
The GPS tracking unit we use has saved us money, more than enough to cover the cost! It has saved us on payroll and helped in scheduling our technicians.
We know where our techs are and when, so we know if there is time to add a job on their schedule, therefore increasing our production. Great product!
Automobile service centre

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