Fuel price volatility is a concern for everyone. We at Mystral GPS Tracking Solutions are dedicated to providing one simple solution for a problem which is common to all businesses. Fuel costs always render a random element in business optimization for fleet managers. Mystral provides an advantage a real-time check on fuel usage. Mystral Fuel Monitoring Solutions is a relief in the hands of a fleet manager, providing him ample scope for optimizing his fuel budget and drastically reducing operating expenses.

The advanced intelligent fuel monitoring system with avant-garde sensors and technology delivers up to 99% accuracy in detecting the fuel level in real-time. Stay updated with real-time SMS alerts in case of fuel theft and refueling. These essential elements of the fuel monitoring system are specialized components of our Fleet management system, which provides an integrated platform, tailor-made for businesses and efficient management of fleet services.

Constant Vigilance, with minimal efforts

  • Get instant SMS alerts of fuel-thefts and keep a vigilant eye on your fleet
  • Get lucid and tactical historical reports of the fuel-theft with the precise location, time and the fuel-loss on a cost and volume basis on our fuel monitoring dashboard
  • Manage a safer fleet with safe driving practices. Incentivize safe driving by handing out bonuses for driver performance, by scoring on factors like mileage, fuel thefts and safe driving.

Leverage our expertise, to optimize your operations

  • Get historical reports of fuel consumption statistics of your fleet, get a detailed insight on consumption costs based on fleet-type, driver and so on.
  • Use handy analytics to draw meaningful trends in fuel consumption and find methods to reduce fuel-costs to optimize your fleet.
  • Save more on each trip with our intelligent fuel monitoring solution, plan routes based on existing fuel consumption data.

Re-fueling woes, set aside

  • Keep an eye on unaccounted fuel cost by monitoring refuels and their actual cost, calculated on dynamically updated fuel prices
  • Keep yourself updated on re-fuel status of your fleet on our dashboard, with timely logs of re-fuel amount, time and refueling location.
  • Keep a check on refuels at stations, by the highly accurate fuel- level sensors which records the actual re-fuel made and helps eliminate any malpractices by fuel stations.

The Mystral Fuel Monitoring Solution ensures that every Rupee spent on fuel is justified. Our Fuel monitoring solution has helped companies increase their bottom lines by 10-15%.

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