Want to know where your vehicles are right now? Mystral GPS Tracking Solutions provides you more than just that.

Our fleet management solution is an integrated platform to monitor all of your fleet’s activities with a single click. We provide not just data, but information that is important to you. With the right reports, get all the information you need about your fleet at your fingertips.

Get data that is simple, and information that is useful.

  • We provide fleet’s whereabouts, its fuel usage, idling time, and a lot more on our easy-to-use dashboard. Get lucid reports on mission critical parameters which influence your business, and the potential cost-cutting areas.

Get alerts that keep you updated.

  • Stay tension free with Mystral real-time alerts via SMS and Email. Stay informed when your vehicle undergoes refuel, or if any vehicle drives out of the geo-fenced area. Be aware of fuel- theft, or even theft of goods from vehicles, you can now stay updated 24*7 and say goodbye to all fleet related worries.

Geo-fence a vehicle, to keep a check on the fleet movement

  • Safe-guard the travellers/ assets on your vehicles, by limiting the vehicles movement to a fixed area with our intelligent Geo-fences.

Safer the driving, better the fleet.

  • Encourage safe driving practices with checks and balances. Our Driver-score system, which generates a score based on driver performance analyzes parameters such as average mileage, idling times, optimal route usage, harsh braking and harsh acceleration, and other critical parameters. The score can be used as benchmark for incentives.

Categorize your fleet, segregate the views

  • You can now create multiple vehicle categories based on fleet operations. Colour coding for easy viewing, get tactical reports on category wise performance and identify the vehicles which are underperforming.

Keep track of vehicles, its whereabouts

  • We provide information that is important to you. View your fleet’s exact whereabouts on a map, track its location, speed, fuel level, cabin temperature as well as other critical parameters.

Get intelligent reports on driver performance

  • Access important information on the dashboard to optimize you fleet performance, cash in profits and save on any extra spending. Graphical reports on the Mystral application makes it easy to interpret data and put in place the right processes.

Make your success story with us now