The need for utilization of interstices of time is of utmost importance in the fast-paced world. Total organizational growth can only be achieved by employees who perform efficiently every day and simultaneously maintaining a work-life balance for peace of mind. This calls for employers to step in and make it easier for their employees to manage their time. The most important one being the travel time from work to home and back.

Companies providing Employee transportation services face several challenges at hand like monitoring of vehicles, optimizing travel time, cost-cutting on fuel, and optimal scheduling of pick-ups and drops. Mystral GPS Tracking Solutions brings an efficient solution, providing companies with tools to plan, schedule, and track and monitor the entire fleet for a better return on investment. An easy and safe conveyance for the employee converts into better work efficiency for the employer.

Real time tracking of vehicles to monitor routes taken.

Safe-guarding of employees in the vehicles with authorization of drivers and passengers using RFID technology.

Pre-selected travel routes and schedules for optimizing travel time and cutting on fuel costs

Generation of timely driver reports to keep track of driver performance on the basis of arrival time, speeding checks, harsh braking, acceleration, fuel thefts etc.

Real-time alerts to employees about their respective pick-up and drop timings

SOS button in the vehicle enables the occupant to send out a distress call in case of any emergency.

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