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Cement industry requires strategic planning of transportation and efficient management of the logistics for narrowing the cost brackets as transportation cost accounts for a large percentage of the product price. Mystral GPS Tracking Solutions has developed a solution to help optimize deliveries. We provide solutions which help find shortcomings in the supply chain. The OGST platform facilitates easy monitoring of the fleet, ensures transparency in the supply chain and reduces delays. Our tried and tested models deliver on quality as well as reliability.

We ensure maximum asset utilization by logging in data which we turn into useful statistics for making pragmatic and well thought out changes in the logistics chain. We record data such as the fuel consumption costs, idling time, cycle delivery time, optimal routes and mileage reports. This helps in generating useful analytics for optimizing the complete cycle of cement transportation from source to the client.

24*7 Real-time monitoring of cement trucks to ensure a smooth transit.

Safeguard against theft by using load monitoring sensors, which will instantly detect any undue off-loading of cement.

Optimization of fuel expense by pre-selecting optimal mileage routes to be followed by the trucks.

To avoid delays in the delivery cycle, idling time, loading and off-loading time of the cement trucks are monitored.

Turnaround times at various stages of the supply chain are monitored, this data helps in optimizing operations.

Easy-to-use dashboard presents graphs and statistics which can be used by supply chain managers to monitor driver behavior in terms of mileage given, routes taken and driver performance.

Maintain accountability by using RFID technology also for driver identification and attendance automation.

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