Risk hedging is important in the car rental industry. Theft, misuse, vehicle damage due to improper maintenance and many more problems surface when renting cars. Huge expenses are levied by companies in recovery and repair of the vehicles. Hence, minimization of risk involved in car rental enterprises most importantly constitutes safeguarding vehicles.

The Mystral auto rental solution minimizes risk for the owners while simultaneously increasing the safety of their customers. Our Risk hedging solution provides intelligent GPS tracking services, which comes in handy for the fleet owners to check the real-time location of the rented-out cars, monitor the speed of the vehicles and check for any tampering of GPS device as well. We assist in providing safety to the customers renting a vehicle, by sending alerts in case of any accidents, or thefts.

Our solution includes

Vehicle -Rental Companies

  • Live track all your vehicles, their current status and their real time location.
  • Individual rented out vehicles can be geo-fenced to specific boundaries drawn by you to safeguard the vehicles, any violation of which is immediately reported to the owner.
  • Get reports on the driving behavior of your customer, and get instant updates in case of over-speeding, harsh braking and harsh acceleration.
  • Get alerts in event of any tampering with the GPS device, theft of your vehicle, or accident, which makes recovery of the vehicle easier.

Customer Benefits

  • Our multiple safety-nets adds to the security of the customers, making their driving experience better.
  • In case of any accidents, the location of the vehicle can be easily detected by the rental-authorities and help can be sent in without wasting valuable time.

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