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Real time temperature monitoring for Cold-chain logistics

Almost 40% of India's total food production in the country is lost in transit, wasted by consumers or damaged (according to the United Nations Development Program) and almost 80% of the drugs produced lose their potency due to inadequate temperature control during transport (according to We produce enough food and medicine for our entire [...]

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Lower Your Insurance Premiums with Smart Tracking

Insurance is a necessity, but can sometimes be a frustrating expense. The customers’ premiums over time are only expected to increase, sometimes, through no fault of their own. It could be the neighbourhood they live in, their age, their profession or even their sex. There is an endless list of factors that can increase their [...]

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GPS Tracking, the way forward in the Vehicle Rental Industry

Maximizing profitability in a rapidly growing contestable market can be a challenge. According to Ken Research, the self driving car rental industry has a projected compound annual growth rate of 35%, touching Rs. 800 billion by 2019. Competing with a growing number of rivals in this industry at price point, can be a challenge. This [...]

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Fuel Management

Fuel Monitoring   Uncertainty in fuel prices and dependence on fuel are factors which are common to all business. With the ever rising and unstable price of fuel one can never track fuel expenditure accurately. Moreover, as a fleet owner, it is always a tedious task to keep a log of actual refill for every [...]

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School Bus Monitoring

“To make kids bus journeys safer and efficient” The world has moved on from notebooks and registers to smartphones and tablets, giving birth to smart schools and smart classrooms. But why stop at the classroom? Why not also make the school transport more hi-tech? Why not use it to make commuting safer for our young [...]

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  After our successful expedition in Bangalore, Mystral GPS Tracking Solution decided that it was finally time for us to expand and explore new opportunities. It has now set its sight on creating another success story in Hyderabad. With our GPS trackers, we offer various smart solutions which address the real-time problems. Imagine if someone [...]

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Reliable GPS Services

There is a lot of talk about How the GPS tracking system works. While it is good to know it is equally important to understand that none of the GPS tracking solutions providers have a real great control over the satellites that provide the tracking coverage. The reason being that, the over 20 odd [...]

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Satyamev Jayate – Women’s Safety – A churn in our society

Satyamev Jayate, probably one the most intrinsic view of our society has come up at a time, when our country needed to take deep dive into itself and do a post Morten about what we as a society stand for. Are the issues raised by Aamir Khan in this platform, larger issues plaguing [...]

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Article on Mystral Personal Safety Solution featured on "The New Indian Express newspaper", issue dated 26th June, 2014. All the information you need to know about our solution is right here. Do give it a read!

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